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Channeling Catalog

Brandon has been working as a trance medium (channeler) since 2016. He spent a year channeling live for a group, this catalog is the work that came out of that experiment. 

Brandon channeled angels, masters, and cosmic beings that came through and gave communication and healing to the group. 

These trance medium healings are given spirit to spirit, so they are very powerful & work outside of time and space. 

You can find a quiet place to sit & meditate and go on an inner journey to profound healing through these recordings. The healing & the entity channeled will still guide you through this experience. 

You will start to develop a deeper relationship with who you are in spirit, as you break away from the energies of the body and mind. 

What People Are Saying:

We believe being aligned & integrated with your soul's energy is the path to deep healing. In this course, you learn life simple yet powerful visual meditation tools that help you to bring your soul's energy into the body. As you align with spirit, spirit heals all. You will develop a healing & energy practice, create clarity in your life & do deep healing work.

Andrea Rennie