Empowerment Program

Unlock your spiritual gifts and shake off those life-long patterns with Brandon's Empowerment Package! This journey is packed with intuitive readings, cool courses, and a community of folks just like you, all ready to boost their spiritual growth, mend relationships, and tackle life’s challenges. Ready to crank it up a notch? Dive into Brandon’s Mentorship program and get ready for some mind-blowing transformations and awakenings, with Brandon by your side, guiding you on!

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Transformation & Life Mastery Mentorship

A comprehensive journey designed to guide you through spiritual healing, intuition development, and purposeful living. This all-inclusive mentorship features pre-recorded and live classes, one-on-one sessions, and interactive group coaching to offer personalized guidance and community support. No prior meditation or spiritual experience is needed—only a genuine willingness to invest in your personal growth. Walk alongside Brandon as you unearth your inner power and transform your life.

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Channeling Catalog

Investment: $199

Discover the transformative power of trance mediumship with Brandon, a channeler since 2016. His live sessions connect you to Angels, Masters, and cosmic beings for profound, timeless encounters. Use these recordings for meditation, deep healing, and intuitive guidance, fostering a closer connection to your spiritual self beyond body and mind.

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The Reading Course

Prerequisite: Align & Heal | Investment: $299

In this course, you will learn how to be aware of energy within yourself and in others. You will learn how to do a psychic reading and how to use this practice as a method of profound shadow work, self-realization, and mastery. When you can give a reading, you can transform your reality. This is the most efficient way to clear through lifetimes' worth of lies and conditioning and create true freedom in your life.

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Align & Heal - Intuitive Meditation Program

Prerequisite: The Reading Course | Investment: $599

We believe being aligned & integrated with your soul's energy is the path to deep healing. In this course, you learn life simple yet powerful visual meditation tools that help you to bring your soul's energy into the body. As you align with spirit, spirit heals all. You will develop a healing & energy practice, create clarity in your life & do deep healing work.

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What Students are Saying

The first time I had a reading with Brandon, I was in awe. He can really dig deep and see the root of a problem and then heal it. With his help I have been able to heal and really find the peace that I have been seeking. He is truly gifted and I am grateful for his wisdom, support and guidance.

Brandon is an excellent teacher who brings full clarity to concepts that cannot be explained on the level of the mind. His energy is pure love and lightness, and he is a master at holding space for his students. Brandon's presence alone brings enlightenment to everyone in his orbit.

Brandon is an excellent intuitive teacher. He brings a light-hearted awareness to a vast array of spiritual and energy-related topics and tools, and holds a safe space to guide students through their own exploration. He’s my go-to when I have questions. I can’t recommend him as enough as a teacher, reader, medium and healer.


Connect with your inner wisdom and embark on a path of genuine healing.